We were very nervous about leaving Alyssa. She is a sensitive kid that does not do well with change. The first couple of weeks were tough. Little Diamonds was very patient with her & her routine of waving. She got to the point where she didn’t even have to wave anymore. Alyssa had only been in a home daycare ran by her grandma before LDPS, so we were both concerned about leaving her with strangers. Even during those first couple weeks that were tough.  The care, affection, and positive attitude given by LDPS teachers has really helped Alyssa grow both emotionally and academically. When our 1 year old is old enough, we will be enrolling her!

-Brittany and Brian B.

In just a few months my son has learned the months of the year, how to cut with scissors, and how to write his name! We look forward to all the new experiences he gets while attending LDPS!


Little Diamonds was everything I was told at the time of enrollment. My child has learned a lot since starting the program, and is now ready to start school. Thank you Little Diamonds for preparing my child for TK.

-Leticia S.

My oldest daughter went to Little Diamonds 4 years ago. When we had our second daughter there was no question where we would send her to preschool. I love the curriculum, teachers, and activities. I feel very blessed to have found such a great school with teachers who truly love my child & give her an environment to thrive. We love you guys! Thank you for all you did!

-Eileen A.

Finn is our third son to have attended Little Diamonds. All three of our children impressed their prospective kindergarten teachers during their assessments. They learned numbers, and letters, reading and writing. Most importantly, however, they were taught kindness, fairness, sharing and honesty. A preschool that is well rounded is hard to find!

-Sarah and Mark W.

With our second child’s successful graduation from LDPS just around the corner, I want to thank all of the teachers and staff for being so helpful and supportive. Our experience at Little Diamonds was amazing and we are all sad to see it come to an end.

-Jeneanne C.

My child was very nervous about school. Little Diamonds has been a place he loves going, and looks forward to. He has learned and grown so much in such a short amount of time. I wish he started a year sooner.

-Sarah F.

Since my son has started school at Little Diamonds he has made such amazing progress! It surprises me each day how advanced he is! I enjoy being a part of this journey with him and love that we feel at home there. Enrolling my son in Little Diamonds was one of the best and gratifying decisions as parents we have made.

-Camerlee G.

“We absolutely love Little Diamonds! My son has flourished since starting here eight months ago. He has come such a long way in such a short period of time in his behavior and learning. I am so happy he will be attending another year here and can’t wait to send my daughter next year as well. I highly recommend Little Diamonds.

-Lisa P.

Little Diamonds Preschool provides a well-balanced educational program which sets every child up for success socially and academically. The teachers make real connections with every child and strive to help each child reach personal academic and social goals throughout the year. The classroom is always changing to suit the monthly theme and it keeps the kids excited about learning! It is always enjoyable to come to Little Diamonds and see the new and creative ways they are incorporating social studies and science into their academics. As an educator myself, I absolutely recommend Little Diamonds to anyone seeking a preschool for their children.

-Sarah J.

Sarah Jenkins - Teacher, parent