A Typical Day

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Daily Greetings and Discovery Time

At this time we create an environment that helps the students sense they belong to something special.  Just as they are part of your family which is very special, we want them to feel special as they join their Little Diamonds friends for the day.  This time is focused on helping your child with social development as they interact with their friends and teachers.

Group Circle Time

This activity helps everyone feel welcomed and included.  During this time, we teach language skills and how to respect of other’s feelings through listening skills.  We also teach the students about the calendar, weather, shapes, counting, stories, song & dance, character traits, phonics, spanish and sign language.


This time develops literacy skills, rhythm, movement and coordination with music.  It is so much fun to watch how the use of music with learning helps the children improve their literacy skills.  There are so many smiles on the children’s faces as they dance and move the beat of the music.

Center Time

The activities during center time focus on developing a student’s math, reading and writing skills. Students receive more focused attention from their teacher during this time as they gather in their small groups.  Students will develop their fine motor skills, self-expression, color recognition, language skills, social skills and cooperation.

Fitness and Time

Fitness time is full of fun, motor development and exercise. Students have access to the entire Black Diamond facility to tumble and roll on mats, bounce on trampolines, cartwheel around, swing like a monkey on the rope swings, ride bikes and run around the play yard. Students especially love playing in the foam pit.

Free Play

This activity allows students to explore, discover and learn new things in a creative manner.  The school room has thousands of activities that will grow the imagination and creativity of any child.

Spanish Immersion

The Spanish Immersion class is two hours during the afternoon devoted to learning Spanish.  Children will be immersed in Spanish through games, songs, stories, art, phrases, alphabet, numbers, colors and so much more!   Spanish Immersion is included in any program that already comes during the afternoon.  If your child is enrolled in a morning only program please contact the director or customer service about adding Spanish Immersion.

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